Program FAQ

  1. What type of programs do you offer? We offer Lease, Purchase, Demo and Pre-owned options.


  1. I understand Leasing but could you tell me more? You may use your own leasing agent if you prefer but we have shopped the world and recommend PNC Leasing Co. They have been specializing in Golf Course needs for many years and currently do business or have done business with nearly 80% of the Golf Facilities in the USA.  So the chances are very good that you are already preapproved and this makes things easier for you.  They also provide great rates, lots of options and prompt and friendly service.


  1. How long does it take to get lease approval? Sometime just minutes but usually not more than one business day.


  1. What are the lease lengths available? PNC offers leases of any length from 12 to 48 months.  They will even customize a lease for seasonal courses.   In some cases, leases payments can even be started at a future date to help with cash flow.


  1. What is the minimum number of units for a lease? 2 units is our minimum   but we feel that a much stronger adoption level will take place with a larger fleet.   Remember we can easily add units to any program.


  1. What are the typical monthly lease payment? This will vary greatly due to several factor including number of units, length of lease, and chosen terms of lease. Typically leases will run between $90 and $150 per month per unit.


  1. Can you explain your trial program? We want you to be totally convinced that Golf Skate Caddy if the right partner for you. We offer use of units for a short period of time at a nominal cost (we try to cover shipping and handling cost) so you may test the units and get an idea of adoption and usage.


  1. How long does a typical trial last? We find most courses can make an informed decision in few weeks.


  1. Can the cost of the trial be applied to the purchase or lease price? Yes, it is 100% applied to the start of any program. 


  1. Who gets the rental revenue during a trial? The course keeps any rental revenue. We want to earn you trust and business.


  1. Does GSC offer a warranty? Yes we offer the strongest warranty in this category! See below taken directly from our warranty.  A copy of the complete warranty is also posted on our website.

Motor Faults: 3 years

Computer Control Module: 3 years

Lithium NMC ((LiNiMnCo) Battery: 2 years

Battery chargers: 2 years

Deck: 3 years

GSC main bag attachment monopole & frame: 3 years

All other component parts: 1 year


  1. If I lease or purchase where do I purchase parts? You will be provided a current wholesale parts list.  We suggest you use only GSC factory parts.


  1. Who will provide training and repair? GSC is always available for training and support.  GSC provides an online request form for customer service on our website and a toll free service number.    Your local field rep is also paid to give you a day of training and promotion. 


  1. How do I contact GSC?   We have an online request portal or you may go old school and just call our toll free number.  If using the online request portal, please enter the GSC serial number and describe the problem and the proper department from GSC returns your call when requested.      GSC also provides continuing online training, GPS tracking for a small monthly fee and diagnostics.   We are your partners and are here to help always.  


  1. What will GSC do to help me promote this to my customers or members?  GSC provides banner signs, Customized HTML email options that can include a video of your staff riding the units, posters and a national press release in the golf trades.   We also have social media and media kits available at no cost to our customers.   We also get ask a lot where can I try one and try and drive golfers to your facility.  Also we find that if they are parked in a conspicuous place that they get lots of attention.  


  1. I have heard that some courses use a liability waiver, do you recommend this? Yes, we do highly recommend that you use the waiver that we will provide you.   We actually provide you a customized link to a portal where your customer will be asked to watch our safety and training video and sign the waiver prior to getting to the course.  It is then stored in a cloud based portal for only you to access. 


  1. How much skill is required and will I have to provide individual training for my customers? Each riders comfort level will be slightly different.  We find that most golfers have a very short learning curve of a couple of holes to become competent with the GSC.   We offer 4 speed settings and many safety features.  A short hand on tutorial by a staff member familiar with the features of the unit is very helpful to first time riders.     


  1. How many holes can I expect to get from a fully charged unit? This will vary with rider weight, rider style, course length and terrain.   But the short answer is 36 holes in a pinch.  We do recommend that a top off charge of 30 to 40 minutes is given between 18 hole rounds.  This 200 lb. writer has ridden his board 45 holes on a regulation course with many hills.  As you know for the longevity of any battery it is best to get the bump charge in between rounds. 


  1. What about insurance? We cannot tell you how to insure your club.   We can tell you that there have been no insurance claims filed against us at this time. Many insurance companies will add stand up carts to your existing policy at little or no extra cost. 


  1. Who pays for shipping and how much is it? Shipping will vary greatly from region to region. We currently ship mainly from Florida and sometimes the west coast.   If you request, we are happy to use your shipping agent.  On lease or purchase you pay your own freight.  Shipping averages are around $200 per board for the continental USA.