Display Trailer Available For Your Club

If you are a golf club and are looking at the possibility of introducing the Golf Skate Caddy™ for rental or sale through your pro shop, why not talk to us about a demo day. We will bring our professionally outfitted Golf Skate Caddy™ trailer down where we can set up in a demonstration area.

The display trailer is fully self powered with a massive solar battery system which will run our 50 inch flat screen, and interior lighting all day. We also have an onboard backup 4kva silent generator should this be needed.

We can setup either on a practice area, or if you have the room, take the trailer out to a hole and stay there for a few hours, a par 5 is great as we can take your passing golfers out for a quick ride to assess the GSC™ under our guidance as they make their way to the green.

Because the display trailer is fully contained, set up is just a matter of taking out the caddy’s, tables and chairs and we are all done in under 10 minutes.

We would also be happy to come out and support your events and pass all sales enquiries of course back to the pro shop.

*Display Trailer subject to availability – Please book in advance as we work our way around the USA.