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About Golf Skate Caddy™ & the Team

Golf Skate Caddy™ is Designed for Better Body Fitness and Lower Scores

Golf Skate Caddy has an advantage over a sitting golf cart, when it comes to keeping core muscles warm for higher performance levels and lower scores.
Use golf as part of a fitness program with the light workout of riding a Golf Skate Caddy. Great for the mid-section of the body, and keeping back and legs warmed up and ready for action.

Champions Tour Players are allowed to use sitting golf carts, but most of them walk to keep core muscles warm. Sitting in a golf cart between shots, would put them at a disadvantage over the competitors who are more supple and ready to perform. In other words, it would cost them lots of dollars to ride a sitting golf cart, in competition and when it counts.

Sitting in a golf cart in-between golf shots is detrimental to your game as an amateur golfer. Keep the legs, back and body moving on a Golf Skate Caddy, and enjoy better fitness and a lower golf score. Play to Win!

Golf Skate Caddy™ is Good for the Game, and Great for the Golf Facility

Play faster and better with direct path to your ball and more time for pre-shot routine

Reduce maintenance costs with less wear and tear on the golf course
An alternative to sitting golf carts increases the appeal of a golf facility to a wider range of golfer demographics.

Stop discounting rounds to add low margin play. Add more fun to your facility and make more profits.

Benefit from 10+ years of parent company experience and proven expertise in manufacturing electric boards and electric vehicles Fiik Skateboards. Don’t take a risk with newcomers and imitators who have a trial and error period ahead.

Our Mission

Our Company Mission Statement is to deliver a new paradigm in how we transverse the game of golf, to introduce a fun, safe yet exhilarating experience as we glide over the fairway whilst speeding up game of play.